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Do you want to be a part of WillieBuild?
Contact Drew Seelman to find out more about it!

Bill Gepford
Email: gepfordb@hpumc.org
Phone:  214.523.2232

pulling the chicken wire in Juarez

EVERYONE working on the WillieBuild will need to fill out and sign a RELEASE FORM. Youth under 18 need parents signature. Please print the form, fill it out and bring it with you on your workday.

What you need each day will depend upon the tasks that are being done. If you have these items and can bring them with you, you'll be glad you did!
work gloves
nail apron
utility knife
Sunscreen and a hat as needed
"WillieBuild was awesome!  It was just like being on a mission trip here at home." - Allie Klein

"WillieBuild gave me a chance to remember what a great guy WIllie was.  It completely dominated!"
- Ben Bor

 "The WillieBuild was awesome!  Can't wait for next year!" - Maddie White

 "I loved being a part of WillieBuild!  HPUMC Youth worked so hard - and it's always a blast to get in a paint war with them - especially because I always win  : )!" - Tova Sido

 "I love Willie.  I miss him  - and WillieBuild gave us a chance to stop and remember (again) how awesome he is." - Heather Pitcher

"I had so much fun at WillieBuild!  Working at Wesley Rankin was so so great.....!  Can't wait for next year! - Laulie Eckeberger

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