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If you want to help with the WillieBuild project opportunities are abundant.  Yes, we will need construction workers to complete the project, but we will also need many hands to help with food and drink for this incredible workforce!    For nine days we will have upwards of 40 people on site who will need to be fed and hydrated.  This presents many opportunities for you to help…individuals, buddies, small groups, large groups.  We need everyone! 

Bottled Water
Soft Drinks 
Homemade Cookies
Morning Snack
Afternoon Snack 


To VOLUNTEER for food or beverages, get more details or give a suggestion CONTACT KAREN BLACK: email
or call: 214 522-5566 (h) 
214 674-8508 (c) 

Willie loved good food.  He had his favorites that you had to fix just right or you might as well not bother to make them at all.  He enjoyed a simple steak dinner with salad and rolls or would embark on an all day affair to make cedar plank trout, sauce, grilled vegetables and rosemary potatoes.  Willie often requested oatmeal, chocolate chip, or molasses sugar cookies, but especially relished hello dollies (nectar of the gods!) and would have existed completely on Philly cheese steaks and enchiladas if necessary.  He frequented Burger House, Genghis Grill, New York Sub, IHop, Luby’s, and when he could swing it, Bob’s, Jeffrey’s and Texas de Brazil.  He could regularly be found at Metro Diner around 3 am.

Willie’s favorite drink was an Izze – a sparkling fruit juice that comes in a variety of flavors.  At UT, he and his roommate went to the store and bought several cartons for their dorm room.  When they returned to the dorm and opened the back of his car, the bag of Izzes fell out onto the ground.  They didn’t break, but the top of every single bottle popped off.
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