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Photos and videos from the 5th Annual WillieBuild in 2011 will be displayed on this page as the project progresses. Please check back!
In 2010, the Garza family home was built at 1739 Nomas Street in conjunction with Highland Park United Methodist Church Carpenters for Christ Ministry and Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity. Photos and videos from the 4th Annual WillieBuild are at the right. .
Future site of the Garza home. The slab was poured on March 18th.
Karen Black embedded the WillieBuld.com stone in the wet concrete.
The Garza Family

This home will allow the family to be more comfortable, spend more time together, unite as a family and bring them peace. Knowing that the opportunity of becoming a homeowner has become a reality, they feel more independent and truly confident about success in the future.
Lisa & Taylor Tichenor in 2010 WillieBuild shirts
"Willie" basketball
group photo after the dedication ceremony on May 22, 2010
WillieBuild 2010:

with "Willie" baskeballs: May 5

Photos and devotional videos from each work day:

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