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Willie had no use for one dollar bills his entire life.  He wadded them up and put them in his pocket, or on his dresser.  Willie went by his house the day his first rent payment was due for his apartment in Deep Ellum and told his mom he didn’t think he had enough to pay it.  She said, “I bet you do” and took him up to his room.  They went through drawers, closets, even under his bed. He was very happy to leave with more than enough to pay his rent and then buy breakfast at Metro diner.

His college roommate shook his head in dismay when he saw the ones lying around on Willie's desk, in his laundry basket and on the shelf in his closet.  He always had more than he thought he did.

Most all of us are blessed with more than we think we have. Whether it is through our time, talents, or our money, we all have more to give than we think we do. Please check your wallets, shelves, dressers and laundry baskets for some of the extra blessings you have lying around.  And consider making a donation to WillieBuild 2010 – we hope to build a house for a family every year.

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Willie raised over $60 at the HPUMC Skate-A-Thon raising money to help children at Wesley-Rankin Community Center.
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