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Willie Tichenor
May 15, 1986 - March 15, 2006
Jen & Willie
Willie & Nathaniel
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Deep Ellum Living
John & Dunc visiting
Willie loved to dress up and go out to dinner.  One night Willie and Bret planned dinner for a group, and then the two of them went shopping.  They were very competitive in everything from water basketball to who could put together the best outfit.  If Bret had a shirt that Willie liked, Willie would steal it and wear it around.  Lisa took pictures of them and they were very pleased with how their “look” turned out.  Willie agreed wholeheartedly when Bret said, “Dude, we’re gonna look better than the girls!”
Night out with Chris, Bret & Ross
Bret & Willie dressed for dinner

Willie was quite proud of his driving record (he overlooked the four wrecks).  He was stopped six times and never received a ticket.  In February 2005 he made Valentines’ cards for all his friends. He went to SMU to drop one off to Charlie but he didn’t know his way around on campus.  Willie had double-parked and was on the verge of getting a ticket when he returned to his car to talk to the officer.  Willie explained that he was delivering a Valentine and said, “Is it OK if I just run this card up to his room and come right back?”  The officer said, “H-H-His?  Sure, okay, that will be just fine.”

Proud owners of the bus
On the Spring Break 2004 trip with Matt and Charlie, Willie said he was trying to keep one of his passengers awake by moving over in the lane and driving on the bumpy line that lets you know you are going off the side.  Someone on the highway reported him as a possible drunk driver so he was stopped by the highway patrol.  He must have explained his actions satisfactorily.  Later in the same trip they met up with the “church girls” in Seaside and took them out for an evening.  Instead of calling their mothers and telling them they were running late, Willie decided to try to make curfew by driving 90 miles an hour.  I don’t know how he talked his way out of that ticket.
Willie and his car
Willie &friends
Willie & Ross
Staying Close
Tichenor boys and Vigness girls
The Tichenor Family at the ranch: Willie, Lisa, Mac, and Taylor
Willie in Wyoming with Walter, Taylor, Meh, Gramps and Todd.
Willie loved his brother and cousins
"Dad, you look awesome!"

WWWW Foundation
The summer before first grade Willie spent several weeks with Meh and Gramps.  During the day he was engrossed in his new love – major league baseball.  At night he and Gramps would play cards.  The first day of first grade Willie came home and told me they had to answer some “get to know you” questions.  When asked his favorite game, he wasn’t sure if it was “Wolf Over the River” or poker.

Memoir of hunts with Willie
(by Gramps)

          Willie first went hunting with me when he was seven. It was the first day of deer season, and it was bitter cold. Twenty degrees with a brisk North wind, and there was deep frost on the ground.  The conditions were perfect. Willie and I had discussed the hunt the night before as he sharpened his knife, and he practiced “dry shooting” with the .222 (with the bolt out).

          So when morning came, he had no complaints of the bitter cold. He was ready to stalk deer.  We slowly stalked into the wind, with frosty breath before our faces, until we came upon a group of deer. I positioned Willie beside a mesquite tree where he could see several deer.  I told him to shoot for the heart.

          He shot and knocked the two front legs off the deer, and before I could say anything Willie shot two more deer.  I hollered Willie stop you’ve used up all of your deer tags, and we have to catch that first deer that was running away on its two hind legs. We gave chase, and the deer came to a fence. I thought we’ve got it now! Wrong. The deer jumped the fence and was off again. Willie and I climbed the fence and continued the chase, following the blood trail. I spotted her sticking her head up behind a log.  I let Willie finish her.  We spent the rest of the day gutting deer, but Willie didn’t mind.  He loved it and was interested in their inside parts. From the first Willie was a real, blood sport, deer hunter, and a dead shot.

          The next year Willie and I went out to hunt.  Conditions were not as favorable as his first hunt.  So we climbed up into Ed Hart’s blind and waited. Sleep overtook both Willie and Me. He was sitting in my lap as there was only one chair in the blind.  We were awakened by lot turkey gobbling.

A flock of turkeys had come in to get some corn. Willie asked if he could shoot one. I told him that his .222 would blow up all the meat. He would need to shoot him in the head.  I had no idea that he could indeed hit that gobblers bobbing head.  So he picked out a gobbler, took careful aim and shot. He shot that bobbing head right off. He was a dead shot and here again he took pride in dressing the bird for the dinner table. He also took great interest in all the birds inside parts.

By Gramps 5/15/06

Was it yesterday I held him as he slept?
Was it yesterday he hollered and he leapt?

Was it yesterday we stalked the wily deer
 as our frosty breath grew fast as we drew near?

Was it yesterday we went to pastures near,
where we sang as only we and God could hear?

Was it yesterday we were at the pistol range?
He outshot me, and he laughed, at target change.

Was it yesterday, I let him beat at poker?
Was it yesterday, he beat me with a joker?

Was it yesterday, whereupon,
He said,” Gramps I love you”, and was gone?

visiting the apartment in Houston
good times with good friends
Bret leaves for college
high school musical with Megan
high school grad party
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